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Micro-credit is the largest program of GRAUK in perspective of staff and financial involvement. Since 2002 GRAUK has been implementing the micro-credit program with the assistance of Financial Institutions and Voluntary Savings and Surplus Fund. Now-a-days access to credit is considered rights of people, especially poor. Unfortunately the poor people do not have access to commercial banks due to various limitations due to its rigid operational modalities. Capital formation is important for initiating income generation activities. As the poor cannot form capital they cannot initiate income generation activities. Access to micro-credit assists the poor to gain the capital to initiate income generation activities. The people are organized in groups and mobilized them for savings. They are given micro-credit support to initiate income generation activities. Access to credit makes economic resources, which empowers the poor especially women to improve their position in the family as well as in the society. They are empowered to take decision regarding own and family affairs and voice against violence and injustice. Due to rural people's large-scale economic involvement a force has been created in the rural economy as well as in the macro economy.

The main components of the program:

Group formation
Holding weekly meetings and discuss on various social and economic issues
Savings mobilization
Loan proposal assessment
Provide credit support
Maintaining savings and credit records
Training Need Assessment (TNA) of the beneficiaries
Development of training schedule, curriculum and module
Impart skill trainings
Monitoring performance and provide technical support

SL N. Indicators As of December 2010 As of December 2011
01 Number of Branch offices 03 03
02 Number of groups
03 Number of members
04 Number of borrowers
05 Cumulative Loan disbursement
06 Cumulative Loan realization
07 Loan Outstanding
08 Total Savings Collection
09 Total Savings refund
10 Savings Balance
11 Total Overdue Loan
12 Cumulative Recovery Rate
13 Number of Field Officers
14 Group : Members ratio
15 Members : Borrowers ratio
16 Loan outstanding per field officer
17 Total net surplus fund
18 Savings outstanding ratio

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